Pure Oxygen Tablets – stain removal


These are power whitening pure oxygen tablets – simply add to your machine to revive whites!

12 tablets


Add-ons total:


Stain Removal For Whites – power whitening tablets

Ecozones Pure Oxygen Laundry Whitening Tablets are designed to bring your whites back to life by removing stains and grime. Easy to use, simply unwrap and add one tablet to every wash with your usual detergent option and fabric conditioner. The whitening tablets are free from toxic chemicals, harnessing just the power of oxygen and natural ingredients to lift dirt from your fabrics.

These dishwasher tablets come in soluble wrapping, so no need to open up each one before placing in the dishwasher, simply use as per the instructions. These powerful tablets are suitable for short cycles and on low temperatures also.

  • Powerful stain removal for white fabrics
  • free from chlorine& optical brighteners
  • revives whites by using oxy action formula


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