MAGNESIUM OIL Kit – with glass bottle


Did you know many of us have magnesium deficiencies simply because it has been depleted in our food over the years?

A simple and effective way of topping up magnesium levels is by applying it to our skin as the skin absorbs this more efficiently than our digestive system.

Go ahead try it out with this kit and see how you feel with regular use!

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Magnesium Flakes and Aromatherapy Bottle

Make your own magnesium oil with this wonderful kit. Magnesium flakes and an empty aromatherapy bottle are included. Magnesium Chloride absorbed through the skin is a far superior method for safely increasing magnesium levels in the body, particularly useful for relieving sore muscles and joints and reducing pain related to magnesium deficiency. It also assists to reduce bodily stress and helps calm nerves. In addition Magnesium is an essential catalyst for many enzyme reactions, especially in regards to cellular energy production.


  • Magnesium Chloride Flakes – minimum 45g
  • Aromatherapy Glass Bottle – empty botthle with dropper cap – 100ml volume

Magnesium oil is actually just magnesium dissolved in water and super easy to make – lots of ideas online on recipes.

Caution: do not use on broken skin and do not use if breast feeding or pregnant.


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