Dish Washing Scrubbie


New! Handmade dish washing scrubbie – made with cotton, twine and recycled denim.

Use for anything you might use a sponge for, works well on cleaning up surfaces like the cooker!


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Zero Waste Dish Washing Scrubbie – handmade

This kitchen Scrubbie has been made beautifully with crochet. Made from cotton, jute twine and recycled denim – one soft side and one scrubby side! An essential plastic free item that can be composted at end of life. As it’s plastic free and reusable and with some care many will last for years to come.

Say goodbye to plastic sponges and no more putting plastic micro-beads down the kitchen sink or creating unnecessary waste when cleaning up. The savings you make on single use and short term synthetic products will add up in no time.

For completely plastic free dish washing, why not add one of our dish washing soap bars or bulk bicarbonate of soda which is an amazing aid in cleaning:

Dish Washing Soap – this mild, gentle yet effective soap comes in two sizes so you can try out the smaller size to see how you get on.

Marseille Soap Bar – a multi-purpose soap from laundry, stain remover, dishes to insecticide – all kinds of uses. Soap is soap right?

Bicarbonate Of Soda – a multitude of uses, read our blog for more inspiration.



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