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About Us

Welcome to Emms Choice!

I’m Mahnaz, a work at home mum with a passion about all things natural.

Emms Choice was born after I realised how difficult (and time consuming) it was to source natural products I could trust. I wanted to support eco-friendly, non-toxic, sustainable alternatives from independent businesses and make these accessible to others.

We stock a wide range of products with a sound brand ethos and quality natural ingredients and that’s our motto… PRODUCTS WITH ETHICS.

Caring for you, Caring for our environment

Our Ethics

  • We support small, independent businesses making handmade natural products, local wherever possible.

  • We aim to be as eco-friendly as possible and use recycled/recyclable paper, packaging, tapes, gift wrapping – our orders are delivered in plastic free packaging.

  • We focus on reducing exposure to chemicals around the home by our product offering and ethics in sourcing these.

  • We actively encourage alternatives to ‘single-use’ and stock solids wherever possible and we offer a wide selection of reusable options.

Emms Choice Timeline

As a mother of two, I have been on a natural living journey for quite some time. Trying to reduce exposure to commonly found harsh chemicals around my family and home.

Emms Choice was born in 2017 with the mission to make the search for products an easier journey for others.

My collection of products or Emms Choice (M’s choice) is my way to share this passion with others. My aim is to make quality products accessible to all and to encourage others to make informed, sustainable choices – choices that do not result in unnecessary negative effects, while supporting smaller businesses making these products.

I hope you will follow our journey and thanks for reading!

Mahnaz Sharif

Founder and Director of “Emms Choice”

Emms Choice finally went online and our product range increased with a special focus on more eco-friendly, sustainable products.

Website redesigned with improved functionality and a new look.

This was a year full of collaborations:

  • Local award winning massage clinic ‘Wee Sallys Therapeutic Massage’ started stocking many of our products.
  • Another local business, ‘Tree Frog Coffee Shop’ has a few products available to buy and they also became a collection point for online orders.
  • We collaborated with our partner Party Pants CSP and now offer custom handmade pre-order items – making the journey into reusable products extra special!

We launched our Tree Campaign where online orders will support tree planting to combat climate change!

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